Knowing Ground Up

At Ground Up Farms, cannabis is more than commerce.

Cannabis is a living organism. Each individual plant has its own set of characteristics that depends on dozens of variables to properly thrive. Our farm is led by growers with over thirty years of experience in listening to the needs of every plant in their care, and its backed by a team devoted to clean growing practices, the health of the living soil, and developing each bud to its fullest potential. At our dispensary, we only cultivate relationships with vendors who hold equally high standards in the growth and processing of their cannabis, and whose products we can personally vouch for. If they’re not doing right by their plants, we’re not doing right by you.

Cannabis is a growing lifestyle. As the legal marijuana industry continues to expand, we are seeing an increasing embrace of cannabis in its various forms, not only by mainstream culture, but by scientists and researchers as well. Ground Up Farms loves pursuing the different ways cannabis can positively affect all different kinds of people, and we love exploring not only the how but the why in our interactions with it. We also want to share that knowledge with you, because we believe the more you understand what you’re consuming, the more likely you are to reach the best possible cannabis experience.

Cannabis is a dynamic community. No bud is an island! Growers, retailers, and consumers, all benefit when they work together rather than against each other. The Southern Oregon craft cannabis community is a national leader in the industry thanks to its unparalleled product quality, commitment to sustainability, and downright passion. Ground Up Farms is proud to uphold those values, and to support other businesses and canna-connoisseurs who do too. We believe that building stronger relationships with our consumers, as well as with other farms and retailers, strengthens the future of cannabis and Southern Oregon’s place in it.