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CBD is growing fast

CBD can be used in so many ways, and confers so many benefits, that it’s no wonder the market is in full bloom. With a root-to-retail approach, Ground Up Pharma seeks to provide the highest quality CBD products made from locally grown, organic hemp. Our approach combines an experienced team, proven partners in the CBD industry, and third party quality testing for a streamlined process that produces first-rate results.

On-site modular lab: big results with a small footprint

On-site modular lab: big results with a small footprint

Organic Hemp & CBD Lab Co.

We have 150 acres to grow and a site for the modular lab, strategically located near a cold storage facility for hemp flower storage. We can grow all the organic hemp flower needed to keep the lab fully utilized and maximize revenue generated from THC-Free CBD oil product sales.

While there is existing CBD processing capacity in Oregon, most of these processing centers take advantage of local farmers. Ground Up Pharma's modular extraction and processing lab:

  • Is designed for GMP, C1D1 compliance

  • Serves local hemp grower markets

  • Can process distillate and isolate products

  • Product tested by proven 3rd party labs

We extract and process hemp flower into a wide variety of CBD products.

  • CBD Crude Oil

  • Full Spectrum THC-Free CBD Distillate Oil

  • CBD Extract

  • CBD Isolates

  • CBD Concentrates

  • Oil-Based Tinctures

  • CBD Edibles


CBD Extracts

CBD extract is an oily substance that contains hemp plant materials like fatty acids, cannabinoids, and terpenoids.

A high-quality extract will preserve the full range of components found in the plant. This form is also called full-spectrum which refers to the full cannabinoid spectrum maintained.

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Full-Spectrum CBD

Even if you're new to CBD, chances are you've heard terms like 'CBD isolate', 'broad-spectrum', and 'full-spectrum'. These terms are used to describe the main forms of extracted CBD - often called spectrums. We focus only on THC-Free CBD products. Our advanced extraction and processing systems allow us provide the highest quality full-spectrum CBD distillate and isolate products.


CBD Isolate

Isolate is exactly as it sounds - pure isolated Cannabidiol (CBD). This crystalline substance comes in slabs or white powder forms and contains 99%+ potency of the single cannabinoid compound. People often like isolates because they are THC-Free.