Infuse Your Next Hike With Craft Cannabis

It’s springtime in Southern Oregon, and hiking season is in full swing! At Ground Up Farms, we can’t wait to get out and enjoy all that natural beauty practically knocking at our door here in Medford and the beautiful Rogue Valley. What could be better than exploring the famous Pacific Northwest forests splashed with wildflowers or discovering a hidden waterfall glittering out of a rocky cave? Taking advantage of Oregon's world-class cannabis to enhance the whole experience, that's what.

The gentle euphoria of a good sativa can elevate a walk in the woods to the next level

The gentle euphoria of a good sativa can elevate a walk in the woods to the next level

Whether you’re setting out for a peaceful solo walk in the woods or some backpacking fun with your buddies, cannabis can be an excellent complement to your outdoor adventures. We particularly like keeping the whole experience local, too—with so many amazing hikes in the area and quality Oregon-grown cannabis products to choose from, why wouldn’t we? Our Medford dispensary offers a selection of locally sourced craft cannabis with something for everyone, so be sure to stop by before your next hike!

Here are some recommendations to get you started:


If you’re really looking to commune with nature, straight cannabis flower might just be your pick. Joints are a popular option for hiking trips, as they let you skip fumbling with bowls and grinders on the trail. Simply roll up a few grams of your favorite strain while you're packing your kit--just don't forget your lighter. Or make it even easier: pick up a few Ground Up Farms house pre-rolls on the way to the trailhead! Expertly packed in quality hemp cones, our pre-rolls come in a variety of your favorite cannabis strains, including WiFi OG, a hiking-friendly sativa hybrid.

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Vape Cartridges

Many hikers and outdoor cannabis users rely on cartridges and vape pens for their ganja-on-the-go. It’s pretty easy to see why: pens are discreet, quick to deploy for one or two puffs, and don’t stutter on a windy mountainside. As long as you keep your batteries charged and your pens secure (and preferably upright), you and your cannabis should be ready to go wherever the road takes you. We love taking along an EVOLVD Sour Diesel cartridge on our Oregon hikes; the pep from the ever-popular Sour Diesel strain helps to keep up the pace, and EVOLVD’s Whole Spectrum extraction means this cartridge delivers a nicely rounded high with a flavorful draw every time.



Smoking isn’t always an option for consuming cannabis on the trail, especially for trekkers in high-traffic areas or those with sensitive lungs. Because they often have a slower onset and longer-lasting effects, cannabis edibles can be a nice set-it-and-forget-it choice for an afternoon hike. While edibles can be tricky if you haven’t honed in on your cannabis tolerance, divided-dose treats like WYLD Raspberry Gummies let you control your THC intake by a few milligrams at a time, so you can elevate your experience without overwhelming it. The Raspberry flavor is enhanced with sativa-dominant cannabis strains for a nice uplifting effect, and these delicious gummies won’t melt or crumble in your pack if you bring a few extra along.

Topicals (Post-hike!)

Maybe that trail was steeper than you thought, or you pushed yourself a little too hard climbing that ridge to catch the perfect view. Sure, it was worth it—but your muscles will be feeling it tomorrow! Cannabis-infused topicals are a great way to treat your body after an active hike. One of our top picks is Wood Balms Away by Lief Goods’ Physic line. The anti-inflammatory properties in THC and CBD can soothe sore muscles and aching knees, and its easy-to-use design lets you apply localized relief without being messy or wasteful. Plus the fragrance is a perfect reminder of a day spent outdoors.

When you’re out there, don’t forget some common sense rules:

  • Don’t go unprepared. Take into account your route, your physical limitations, and your cannabis tolerance before you consume while or before hiking. Solo hikers especially should try and stick to familiar trails and let someone know your adventuring plans if you intend to consume cannabis. Pack enough water to stay hydrated through a day of physical activity-- plus a hydration buffer in case of dry-mouth.

  • Respect your environment. Be courteous to other hikers who may not want an infused experience. Don’t blast music. Absolutely do not litter-yes, that includes your biodegradable joint roaches. Don’t stray far from the trail, you can do harm to the ecosystem or yourself.

  • Enjoy the experience. It’s not just about getting to the top of the mountain! Take the time to appreciate your surroundings, and let the effects of the cannabis help you savor the details that make each hike a unique adventure.

Can't choose where to start? Our friendly budtenders are here for you! All of our products have been personally vetted before they hit the shelves, so just let us know what you're looking for and we'll help you find the way. Check out our full menu on Leafly and come visit the Ground Up Farms dispensary in Medford, OR and gear up to make your next hiking adventure the best yet.

Have you had a positive experience pairing hiking and cannabis? Let us know in the comments!